About Us

Traditionally, if an author wanted to publish a paperback, an investment of tens of thousands of pounds would be required to cover typesetting, production, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and distribution of an initial print run.


Acorn Books can now offer a more cost-effective method of seeing your book in print, a service called print on demand.
This means that your book is listed for sale with major retailers, available to order online (and often in-store), with each copy being manufactured to order. This means that you do not have to pay the traditional publishing costs such as bulk printing and warehousing. All books are printed to the highest specification and it’s unusual to notice a difference between a POD and traditional paperback.



To qualify as an Acorn Books author please submit your work via Andrews UK. If we feel your book surpasses the level we’re looking for then we will put it forward for Acorn publication.